Lavenue Crown Mixed-Use Complex (with HOK, USA)

Depending on the scope of work, size, and special requirements of projects, we have had joint-ventures or collaborating experiences with national & international firms and interdisciplinary experts to provide the best professional services:
Intra Pacifico Consult (Canada)
GKC Architects (Canada)
RR Architects (Canada)
FH Associates (Canada)
Haskoning (Holland)
Leigh & Orange (Hong Kong)
Architecture Bureau (Malaysia)
Chuchawal de Weger Int. Ltd. (Thailand)
Beta Design (USA)
EEK Architects (USA)
GMB Architects & Engineers (USA)
MooreUrban Design (USA)
SWA Landscape Architecture (USA)
CODESCO (Vietnam)
CPC Corporation (Vietnam)
NHC Engineers (Vietnam)
Nagecco (Vietnam)
SIUP (Vietnam)
Danang Vision Planning (with MooreUrban Design, USA)